About us

Wind turbines are an exceptional invention. Instead of soot, toxic gases or atomic radiation, they produce energy without harming the environment.

His enthusiasm with this revolutionary prospect has driven the present Managing Director Carsten Paatsch to set up the company Saxovent in 1997. Saxovent is aimed at promoting renewable energies – and at the same time to demonstrate that wind turbines also create real value. We are still committed to these objectives.

We have achieved quite a lot since establishing our company. The wind turbines constructed until now produce so much energy that Saxovent can power about 328,000 three-person households with clean electricity. For the sake of comparison: this is enough electricity to supply the current requirements of all the private households in Frankfurt/Main.

Over the years, Saxovent has evolved from a regional actor to an international wind farm developer. We have been represented by a subsidiary in Poland since 2011. The Saxovent Group also holds interests in a French project developer and not only do we have projects running in Poland and France, but also in Bulgaria.

And we always stay true to our objective: to provide the world with cleanly generated electricity while offering a high-yield investment at the same time. We approach this task as a team with experience and passion: with medium-sized enterprise pragmatism, reliable and fast, results-oriented and highly motivated.