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The construction of wind farms is our business – and we do it out of conviction. The 360 wind turbines and 685 megawatts of rated output that Saxovent has installed makes it one of the most important companies in the development and construction of onshore wind farms. Founded in 1997, we know our way around the wind energy market.

With turnkey wind farms, for example in Germany, France or Poland, we offer our customers attractive and eco-friendly investment opportunities. We buy project rights, develop wind farms and support and guide our customers’ projects through all the different stages. We have built wind farms that are already supplying more than 328,000 three-person households annually with sustainably produced electricity.

Our core competencies are the areas that we consider to be of particular importance: financing, procurement, sales and project management. Our subsidiary Saxoplus is also a competent partner in commercial operations management.

Our objective is to supply climate-friendly power. We are always looking for new ways and new markets to continue on our growth path. This is what we work for every day.


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Windpark Mautitz: Windstarke Sieben

Windpark Mautitz: Windstarke Sieben

Saxovent schließt erfolgreich sein erstes Projekt mit dem Anlagenhersteller Siemens ab.

WindEnergy 2018: Vertragsabschluss mit DWT

WindEnergy 2018: Vertragsabschluss mit DWT

Saxovent und die Deutsche Windtechnik schließen einen Full-Service-Vertrag.

plants constructed
million megawatt hours of electricity produced per year
million tons of CO2 saved
three-person households supplied with electric power